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Gail and Gary Jarboe - Owners of Joseph Thomas True Luxury Candles

Joseph Thomas True Candles, located in Springfield, KY, was founded by John Mudd and Craig Stevenson of Fredericktown.

These gentleman started the business in 2003 relying on their bath and body experience and a multitude of fragrance houses in their Rolodex. The company name was derived by combining the middle names of the founding partners.

The goal of the company is provide quality luxury candles, room sprays, and botanical home decor that allows customers to create their own unique "blended" home environment.

Joseph Thomas True Candles are unique in that they are an affordable, luxury item that appeals to both men and women. Our scents are not overly feminine or masculine. They are designed to tintilate the senses but not to the point of being overpowering. Fragrances are carefully chosen based on their "notes" and what we feel is their "layering" ability. The end result should be a complex (but not complicated!) fragrance that is as unique as the person who bought them.

All of our products must adhere to three basic principles:

1. Product packaging must display beautifully, be gift-ready, and have a secondary use.

2. Only the finest, highest quality botanicals, oils, fabrics and packaging should be used.

3. Most importantly, fragrance is a critical part of the home experience. Scents must not be complicated and they should be designed to be layered. The ability for people to combine different scents and create their own custom "layered" home fragrance is the Joseph Thomas True Candles difference.

With this 3-tiered approach, in combination with care and dedication of the Joseph Thomas True Team, the company experienced immediate success. In 2007 John became sole owner of Joseph Thomas, but he tragically passed away in December of 2008. John was an amazing person and the community who loved him very much certainly felt his loss.

After John's passing the company temporarily ceased operations until June 2009 when a local couple, Gary and Gail Jarboe, purchased the company.

Their love affair with Joseph Thomas True Candles' products began when Gary visited Joseph Thomas in early 2008 to purchase a gift for his wife. Both Gail and Gary loved the quality and craftsmanship of Joseph Thomas True and felt it would be a shame if these wonderfully fragranced candles, botanicals, and atomizers were no longer available for purchase. After speaking with John’s family it was decided that Gail and Gary Jarboe would resume operations of Joseph Thomas True Candles in Springfield, KY in the same building as the couple’s already successful cultured marble business, Showplace Custom Marble.

Since becoming owners of Joseph Thomas they have enjoyed every day of shipping these wonderful fragrance products all over the world for others to enjoy. They strive to continue to provide the highest quality gifts to people world-wide and to carry on John’s legacy by maintaining this superb line of products.

Try Joseph Thomas True luxury scented candles and fine fragrances for your home. We think you'll fall in love just like we did.